The Animators Competition Winner : Diligenz – Lalala

The Animators recently ran a competition to which the prize was to record a verse or chorus with the group, but depending on the quality of the winner- the prize could go even further. Check it out here


The breakdown and judging of entries was a collective job carried out by all members of The Animators to which Dublin emcee Diligenz triumphed.

Diligenz, real name Karl Bradshaw hails from Seabury in Malahide and has paid his dues over the years but is only getting back to his craft after a break from the game. Diligenz has appeared on tracks with Redzer, Nugget, Nucentz, Intox and Class A’z. He also releases his storytelling projects under the name Bradshaw and his last EP titled the Karen EP can be found HERE


His entry for the competition was the Up North Productions produced Mac Miller Track Lalala and to which he put his own unique stamp on. Diligenz drops a well written verse keeping his vocal in tune with the emotion of the track. You can feel the realness of his bars as he spits about his position and where he is in the game but without being arrogant. He hits on real topics about life, growing up and everyone having their position, all briefly touched on and wrapped up into one packed verse. Switching up styles on the track from slow and paced to double-time rhythmic lines he utilises his flow well

“So we could let loose and experiment

it’s essential for your personal development

Gonna keep it goin’ cos a chorus is irrelevant

when your dealing with a rapper this intelligent

Heaven sent, knowledge bringer, never could a been a singer

Paddy rapper drinkin’ till he’s got cirrhosis of the liver”

Alan Newman of The Animators stated that he was surprised of the high level of entries received for the competition and that he and the rest of the collective had their work cut out for them.

It will be interesting to see how Diligenz mixes into a track with whichever Animator(s) that he will guest with but he is definitely going to be a name that will become more frequent in the coming months. Watch this space.

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