Usher Gets Boo’ed in Berlin, Germany

Usher’s European Tour has gotten off to a shaky start in Germany, where the R’n’B superstar had to cancel his original show due to sickness. With mounting pressure from tour promoters and management, Usher took to stage the following day, delivering a below par performance that lead concert-goers to repeatedly Boo the artist throughout the show.

Those in attendance claimed the performance was terrible and it was clear that Usher had lip-synced at least 5 of the songs during the set. As you can see in the video below, the singer who is due to perform in Ireland in the coming months was struggling against his sickness while the German crowd Boo’ed his efforts. Let’s hope the Irish performance is on-point and that Usher’s PR team offer a free show to the extremely disappointed German fan-base.

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  1. irishchica says:

    awww its not his fault, look how upset he woz!! seeing him in dublin next month!!

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