Album Review: Beyonce- 4

Artist: Beyonce
Title: 4
Price: 13.99
Overview: 4 is not only the fourth studio album from Lady B, but the number also represents the day she was born and the date she married rap super star Jay-Z. The release date for ‘4’ was rushed after the demo was leaked on the internet. The album 4 has enough power to influence its audience; the single ‘Run the world (Girls)’ is a very upbeat tempo song with a female empowered theme. The video has a clear dance style that reflects African Sub-Saharan culture and Beyonce has urbanized these dance moves to give them an enhanced global character. The second single ‘Best thing I Never Had’ is a laid back and sentimental ballad.
Best Track:
Best thing I Never had
Avoidable Tracks:
Party featuring Andre 3000
4 is fun packed album that will certainly keep fans fulfilled

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