Cher Lloyd’s Swagger Fails to Impress

Former X-Factor contestant turned hip hop / R&B singer Cher Lloyd is finishing up preparations on her debut album and already there has been a social media storm over it. On June 15th the lead single Swagger Jagger was leaked on the internet, and the official video for the track was subsequently released on July 1st to much criticism.

The mass response to the single and singer herself has been extremely negative with the majority of people stating that the song is even worse than Rebecca Black’s Friday. Of course there has also been some positive feedback from Lloyd’s hardcore fans but the majority of the public dislike the song. Since its upload last week, the video has racked up over 45,000 dislikes on Youtube.

Cher has confirmed that rap legend Busta Rhymes will be making a guest appearance on the new album along with producer Red One. And when asked if former mentor Cheryl Cole will be making an appearance “I don’t know where you’ve got that from love. I a’nt seen her since the show… I think she’s busy with her own stuff to be honest.”

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