Chris Brown Irish Concerts – Should you go?

Chris Brown has announced concerts in both Dublin and Cork this summer – Should you go?

Has he transformed you? Less than 12 months ago, Chris Brown was embroiled in the domestic abuse scandal, where he stood accused of beating his then-girlfriend, singer Rihanna, almost beyond recognition (if you are to believe the tabloid photographs). Whilst his hardcore fans stood by him, adopting the “Good Wife” pose, the world’s media and public stood together in condemnation of his actions. It appeared for all intents and purposes than the young singer’s career was well and truly finished.

Less than 12 months later and Chris Brown is back, whether you like it or not. After a brief respite to allow the storm to pass, Brown has edged his way back onto the music scene slowly, releasing a series of sturdy singles and broadcasting YouTube apologies to Rihanna, though some would say that it was public opinion rather than his lost lover that he was trying to win back.

Now as Chris Brown returns to Irish shores it remains to be seen if the Irish public will forgive and forget, or take a stance against Brown’s domestic abuse record. It’s clear that his popularity has plummeted, as his 2010 venues are a fraction of the capacity of his 2008 dates. The question remains, whether you like his music or not, should people go to these concerts?

Let’s find out:

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