Mobb Deep’s Prodigy Sues Universal Music for Taking 50% Cut Of His Solo Work

Prodigy Mobb DeepWhile the world knows Prodigy for his groundbreaking work with Mobb Deep, the rapper is saying that his group contract should not, and does not, cover his solo work.

However, it would appear this is in dispute, with the result that Prodigy is now suing his label, Universal Music, for taking cuts from his solo work.

Back in 1995, when Universal was BMG, Prodigy and Havoc signed a contract with the label under the alias of Mobb Deep. The agreement stated that they would give half of all profits to the label from its future music.

Prodigy says the contract did not contain provisions for his solo work, but despite this Universal is still taking 50 percent of the royalties from his music and song writing.

He is suing for $57,489; the money that he lost and attorney fees.


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