Review : Lethal Dialect – Keep It Real

Lethal Dialect is back to entice us into his world once again with the release of the video for his latest track Keep It Real.

The track is from his upcoming LD50 II album, the follow up to his outstanding debut LD50, that he released earlier this year. The Blanchardstown native has now definitively carved out his spot at the top after his hugely well critiqued debut album both astonished and opened the ears of the nation. His grimy tales and dark projections showcase a uniqueness to his style, flow and delivery while mixing it all up with some great production.

The video is produced and directed by Joe Dooney from Mayo and is shot around Dublin in the North-Side Suburbs of Ballymun, Finglas, Blanchardstown and Cabra. The video captures some nice sweeping shots of the areas that enhances the emotion of the track. This is the first single off his sophomore album LD50 II and the sound is back to where we left off on LD50. This is credited to G.I who produces the track and who also produced the majority of his debut album.

The track starts with a lonely, eerie key sample that creates a sad melancholy feel from the beginning. Next the bass drops in along with the light hitting drums. The production takes a light but effective approach leaving the track open for Lethal’s real life tale of loss, despair and hardship as he reminisces the past, examines his present and contemplates his future.

Lethal catches the drop-in on verse one as he warns us to his past mistakes and lessons learned like an older, wiser head, trying to look out for those up and coming not to fall into the pain of his mistakes. Slow, paced but undeniably sharp is his flow, creating even more impact with his rhyme

Make sure the eyes you see with aren’t blind to the kind you deal with,

Don’t be careless confiding secrets, ’cause theres serpents, spineless creatures,

all searching for points of weakness in your circle – Pythons, leeches..

ever been close to somebody to the point its like your lives are sequenced?

and you think you can read their minds, despite the feelin’ they’ve an evil side

but not the type that i’ve seen in the boys when they snap over sheisty dealings…

Dialect’s skill at telling a story is equal to none and his manner of keeping it all tight within the rhyme is unmatched by anyone as of yet. The track takes a journey from his initial warnings and the story progresses. But the real gift in Lethal’s storytelling is his ability to remain poetic as he tells of the contrast in life’s struggles – perception of options can be the difference between dark and light:

…everyone of us dreams at night,

so were capable of reaching heights beyond here where the phoenix flies,

beyond fear with a piece of mind..

See the shadow of the beast where the fiends reside, with sheets of foil and needle points..

and clouds so dark it could seem at times that the sun might cease to shine

The track is yet another classic from G.I and Lethal Dialect and shows a definite continuation from the magic of the first album, keeping with the emotion and journey that began on LD50. The paced, sharp rhyming style and the delivery of such an intricate progressive story is the reason why Lethal Dialect is standing out from the crowd. He is without a doubt probably one of the best story tellers in Irish HipHop, perhaps even further afield

The album LD50 II is set for a December release and is sure to be another classic if this track is anything to go by.

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