Campaign LK – The Wickedness

Recently Limerick Rock/Hiphop group Campaign LK, released the video to their hit track The Wickedness.

The group consists of four core members; Hiphop producer Joey Soss, singer/songwriter Brian O’Brien, guitarist/drummer Davey Hatchet and emcee Weenz. The group was formed roughly back in 2008 as the three musicians brought a combination of genres together, including Metal, Rock, Hiphop, RnB and Pop. The addition of rapper Weenz and his edgy and raw lyrics, brought the perfect match to the sound that the lads were creating and they began to take their own unique direction. By 2010 they were breaking the Top10 in the MySpace Irish Hiphop charts. With a good backing of songs written and recorded in the studio they decided to take their sound to live audiences. They enlisted bass player Conor O’Brien(formerly of Metal band Roper), session drummer Peter McGlynn and guitarist Mike Hogan, the live act Campaign LK was born.

The video is directed by Shane Serrano and is shot entirely in black and white. It begins with a strong Hiphop feel to it with a guy tagging a wall but morphs into a more rock type vibe. The video jumps to shots of individuals in the group each playing their part and it transitions as the track breaks and builds, going from the band jamming in the unit to an infused backdrop of a strobed out club scene creating a matching visual to the changing energy of the track.

The track was written in a combined manner by Joey, Brian and Dave which is the usual template for their writing/production and with Weenz adding his own tuppence worth to complete the gel. The track launches with a tight acoustic guitar riff that holds the rhythm and the drop comes with a four note key build which brings in the punchy live drums and the bass. The track changes so much, subtley yet perfectly, working with the lyrics and enhancing the energy that is created. Small changes and additions like how the acoustic flips to a lightly distorted guitar, the key parts that add little builds and the use of the synth, whether twisted sounding or pulsating are all used to give this track the full and complete sound it has. This all comes together with frontman Weenz and that raw raspy tone in his voice as he laces the notes with his sharp lines

“Yesterday’s history, tomorrow’s mystery

I don’t spit lyrics, I spit ‘lectricity

Hotter than any whisky, they make in a distillery

give it the same warm feelin, always leavin missin me”

The track is full bodied and moves in a constant forward motion utilising the combination of the well orchestrated music and the vocals on top. Brian O’Brien holds the other vocals on the track and the way that both vocals are laced on top of each other for the hook paces the track really well to give it that slight ease before the verse comes back in. The solid eerie vocal O’Brien delivers underneath Weenz’s rhyme for the hook, simultaneously contrasts and adds a new dimension to the song

If the world turns colder

turn a new page over

are you sick of me

are you sick of me

Musically this track is as tight as it gets…..the changes are subtle to the ear but cause the track to twist and turn in unison, driving it in different directions changing the energy and feeling of the song. There is a real solid gel to the group that is evident in the way the music and lyrics are formed and even the changes in the song come with a full bodied roundness to them, making this track complete and satisfying to the ear.

Next up for Campaign LK is the release of their new video for If It Calms Your Soul, which they have already shot and it should be out in the next couple of weeks. The guys plan on building their profile and fan base with gigs before actually releasing an album or EP. They have the songs to lay down the album but are just playing a smarter game, tailored more to their place in today’s music industry by building up their fanbase and their reputation before they deliver the album. Their main focus right now being their live show and performance.

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