Cee Lo Green to Play Raekwon’s Father In Biopic

In a recent interview with XXLMag.com Raekwon stated that they have enlisted Goodie Mob & Gnarls Barkley member Cee Lo Green to play the role of his Father in his upcoming biopic, titled “C.R.E.A.M”- named after Wu-Tang Clan’s classic 1993 street record.

“Cee Lo Green [is] playing my pops in the film. Cee Lo is gon’ play Raekwon’s ol’ dad! [He’s] a good friend of mine. When I called him and told him about it he was just overwhelmed. He’s just one out of the greats that’s gonna be on the project.”

Green joins a cast that already includes The Cool Kids’ Chuck Inglish, who will play a younger version of the Staten Island, rapper.

“Chuck of The Cool Kids, that’s my dude, good dude, but he’s still gotta go in for casting purposes to see if he really could make a debut in a great way,”  Rae said.

It is still unknown weather or not the film will get to the big screen or be a straight-to-DVD release, but The Chef is in talks with a leading independent studio about the biopic.

“We’re definitely going for the theaters,” he continued. “The people that are gonna be involved with it definitely feel like it’s a great picture, and there’s a definite possibility it’s a Lions Gate film.”

Fans of Raekwon can expect a new mixtape sometime next month. Rap Ireland will keep you posted on what date the tape drops and more info on the film.

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