50 Cent Signs Boxer Yuriorkis Gamboa To The Money Team

Just days ago, ESPN predicted that 50 Cent would likely become Floyd Mayweather’s fulltime fight promoter, and today, in another boxing related move, 50 Cent has signed boxer Yuriorkis Gamboa to his Money Team and released a video of the fighter’s highlights to go with his own “New Day” single.

This all comes after 50 Cent recently became a licensed boxing promoter, starting his own company, The Money Team (TMT), for whom Gamboa is the first fighter.

The TMT stable has taken in quite an established fighter for its first signing; the Cuban boxer Yuriorkis Gamboa, was a gold medal winner in 2004 and a past featherweight champion. The signing comes just days after the release of 50’s “New Day,” a song that features Dr. Dre and Alicia Keys. In a classic cross-promotional move, 50 Cent has released a highlights video of his new prize-fighter to the backdrop of “New Day”


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