Album Review: Bad Meets Evil – Hell :The Sequel

Artist:  Bad Meets Evil
Title:   Hell: The Sequel
Price:  13.99
Overview: Bad Meets Evil are a Detroit hip hop duo that is made up of Eminem and Royce Da 5’9”. ”Hell: The sequel” marks a reunion for the duo after a series of beef and vehement quarrels between the two in the early 2000s. ”Hell: The Sequel” is a cool and refreshing album that stimulates the listener with a quality of positive spirited force. Eminem’s star power and excellent rapping skills compliment the raw style of Royce Da 5’9″ perfectly on this EP. Some Eminem fans will merit this album as the most inspiring of Eminem’s sidekick projects, and the album could be likened to an imaginary Reloaded version of Eminem’s Recovery album. ”Fast Lane” is fabulous tune which consists of clever lyrics and word-play. The album contains a variety of styles, which is evident on tracks such as “I’m on Everything’ featuring the stand up comedian Mike Epps.
Best Track: Fast Lane
Avoidable Tracks: Lighters
A perfect collaboration worth listening to. 

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