Consequence Discusses his Fueds with Kanye, Pusha T, and Cousin Q-Tip

On MTV’s RapFix live one year anniversary special this past Wednesday, Sway was joined by Lloyd Banks and former G.O.O.D Music rapper Consequence, who revealed that all previous beef with Kanye West had ended and their feud was in fact over. And while he won’t be returning to G.O.O.D. Music, his issues with Pusha T stay unresolved since he released a diss record attacking The Clipse man a few months ago. Following the birth of his son he decided it was the time to reach out to Yeezy.

“Me and Kanye spoke,” he announced to Rap Fix’s host, Sway. “We spoke. I hit him. He hit me back with one of them all-caps tirades [via e-mail]. So, he was pissed, and rightfully so. I was pissed. That’s why things had happened the way they happened. He spoke his piece and I spoke my piece. He told me he loved me. The feud is over with Kanye. Is the feud over with other people? See me in the streets.”

Sway then quizzed him on the relationship with his cousin Q-Tip, who he fell out with earlier in the year over Q-Tip publicly airing out his frustrations over the controversial ‘A Tribe Called Quest’ documentary.  When asked if he had settled his war of words with Q-Tip, he replied, “Nah.” Cons goes on to explain that he feels he can no longer go back to the relationship and partnership they once had.

“Through mutual friends, I’ve heard that he’s wanted to speak with me or whatever,” he added. “But, when you opt to talk to bloggers instead of your cousin? I don’t pump like that.” 

“When we spoke, before I came to Rap Fix, it got stupid on the phone. When you come too far out of character with me, it ain’t no reversing that. I’m about business first and foremost. So, if the business between me and you is flawed and you running your jibs, you playin’ yourself to me. I can’t chest-bump with that. We not New York Knicks no more, dog. I can’t.” 






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