Damon Dash Supports Posthumous Aaliyah Album

Former boyfriend of Aaliyah and co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records, Damon Dash has come out in muted support of the posthumous Aaliyah album, which is believed to be in the works. This comes after both Timbaland and Missy Elliot denied their involvement in the project.

Speaking to Billboard Magazine, Dash who was Aaliyah’s boyfriend before she passed, said that he hasn’t yet heard the new song “Enough Said” featuring Drake but that he is happy to hear reworked music from his late girlfriend.

“Anytime I can hear her voice, that’s a good thing. And anyone that respected her enough to make a record with her, I appreciate ya’ll,” he said. “I haven’t heard the record, but I appreciate the art of it. I love hearing her voice. I hope it’s something that I haven’t heard before.”

He also left the door open to the possibility of working on the album. Claiming he was unaware that the album was in the works, but said that if Drake wanted him to be part of the process, he would help out.

“It depends on how he [Drake] wants me to help. I don’t know what I could bring to the table there, but yeah I would do it. Anything involving Aaliyah and it’s positive and the energy [is] right with it, I would be a part of it. My love for Aaliyah will never change.”


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