Iggy Azalea Had To Stop Crowdsurfing Because People Tried To Finger Her [VIDEO]


When we interviewed Iggy Azalea late last year, she spoke of how she loved intimate shows and how it allowed her to perform her more ratchet and raunchy tracks, earning a reputation for twerking on stage and giving front row fans a face full of ass. However it would appear things have gone too far, with Iggy claiming she has had to stop crowdsurfing as fans (mainly females) would attempt to touch places they shouldn’t.

“I had to stop (crowdsurfing)…People try to finger me,” she explained. Azalea said it was “not alright” and for some reason female fans thought it was acceptable because they were women. As a result the Australian MC has resorted to wearing multiple layers of underwear at shows.

“Buying my album for $12 doesn’t mean you get to finger me when I come to your city. It’s weird.”

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