Kendrick Lamar Responds to Macklemore’s Grammy Win… See what he had to say…

kandrick liveOne thing about Kendrick Lamar; he gets social media hyped. The last time there were so many so-called rap experts giving their views on Hip-Hop was when King Kendrick dropped the “Control” verse last year. Now they’re back out in force, outraged that the bastion of true Hip-Hop was seemingly snubbed at The Grammys. Some claimed it was based on race, some just say it was rigged, but what did the man himself have to say on the matter when asked last night (Jan 28th)

“It’s well deserved” Kendrick said, “he [Macklemore] did what he did, man. He went out there and hustled and grinded. Everything happens for a reason; the universe comes back around, that’s how it go.”

While Lamar was gracious in defeat, he did say that at times Hip-Hop may be pushed to the side when it comes to these major award shows, perhaps feeling that it is still considered an underground genre.

“We part of the world” he said,  “We part of the movement. So I think any awards, including the Grammys, should always push for more hip-hop because it’s music as a whole, it’s not just splitting different regions. Everything moves as far as sound and vibrations, and that’s how it goes. And we are a part of that.”


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