Lil Wayne Bans Alcohol on Tour

Lil Wayne is making sure he stays clean so he can stay out of the pen.

All Rappers out there should be looking to Weezy for advice on how to stay clear of prison as it seems that the Rap Star is taking his government-mandated sobriety very seriously.

TMZ reports that Wayne, who is banned from consuming alcohol until 2013, has instituted a zero-tolerance no-alcohol policy backstage and on his tour bus.

A rep for the Rapper’s “I Am Still Music Tour” says that the concerts have “a dry backstage as we are committed to keeping a safe and professional atmosphere to ensure a smoothly running tour.”

“There is no ban on alcohol served at the venue,” added the rep.

Waynewas sentenced last November to a three-year probation that prohibits him from using drugs or alcohol, also prevents him from associating knowingly with any person engaged in criminal activities

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