Nipsey Hussle Releases $1000 mixtape… Listen Online at [AUDIO]

Amidst the New Years Eve hype over the last couple of days, Nipsey Hussle managed to drop his $1000 mixtape project on December 31.

The mixtape will be available in three forms; for free online (listen below), for $10 on iTunes, and a whopping $1000 for a hard copy.

Only 100 hard copies will be pressed.

Explaining the reason behind the high price-point on the $1000 copy, Nipsey said;

“If you buy Mailbox Money, you’ll get a product that I haven’t announced yet: access to the secret store that we’re getting ready to have the grand opening for and you get to hear Victory Lap exclusively with me in this place that we built,” Nipsey Hussle said at the time. “It’s an experience. We can’t fit more than a 100 people in the store. We just wanted to do something different this time.”

You can listen to Mailbox Money for free below:

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