Pharrell Williams Praises Kendrick Lamar And Talks Blurred Lines

Pharrell Williams recently praised Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar and teen songstress Lorde as his “favorite artists at the moment,” for being able to pursue their music careers without the assistance of a major label or radio. The “Happy” star was speaking during an interview with Hardknock TV.

“The people make the decisions here,” Pharrell said. “In fact, everything that goes on on this planet is made by the decision of the human being. Thank God like a lot of new musicians are realizing, you know, that’s when you can sort of effectuate change. That’s why we’re seeing so much great music come out.”

Pharrell: ”Cause these kids are like ‘You know what? I’m not waiting on a record label. I’m not waiting on a radio station. I’m gonna put my music up and out to the world. And if it’s meaningful to people then it will catch fire.’ And in a lot of cases we’ve seen it. You’ve seen it everywhere from the likes of the Kendrick Lamars to Lorde.”

”Two of my favorite artists at the moment. They just didn’t care. Put a song up on Soundcloud, shot a video. It’s like ‘Okay, I may sign with you guys or not.’ And I love that. Because she’s 16-years-old. So, she to me is like a shining example of where we’re headed” Pharrell added.

Pharrell was asked what his mentality was going into making “Blurred Lines.” He said he merely approached the record with the hopes of making a fun and festive track.

Pharrell: “I didn’t go into it with anything. I actually went into it with no expectation and if anything I just went looking for fun. And looking for something that felt festive. And felt like it would lift people. So, I just went looking for that.”

“You can’t get into a scenario looking for something that’s big or it’s going to sound that way. I’m just happy that the universe rewarded us. And again you can’t take authorship for the success of anything. You really can’t. The success is determined by the people” He said.

Pharrell recently won big at the 2014 Grammy awards taking home ‘Record Of The Year’ and ‘Best Pop Duo/Group Performance’ for his work on Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.”


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