Weekly RAP Up! – News Round-Up from the Week 23/12/12

It was supposed to be the week to end all weeks, but it turns out life goes on, the world keeps turning, and the news cycle barely missed a beat.

This week saw Queen’s rapper Action Bronson touch down in Dublin for his second show this year at the Twisted Pepper. However, all the post-show hype had little to do with the performance itself, but rather a good old-fashioned street fight between Irish rappers G.I and Rob Kelly. The pair have had their differences in the past and decided to settle things like men, with Action Bronson refereeing proceedings. G.I has uploaded an edited version of the encounter on his Youtube channel:

Further afield, Meek Mill and Cassidy continued their slightly less manly, but extremely public feud, with Meek tearing into Cassidy’s indefensible track “Condom Style”, a poorly judged take-off of the “Gangnam Style” track which hit 1 billion views this week. Cassidy and Milli have both claimed they would be willing to battle each other for $100,000 prize money, though neither has stepped up to the plate as of yet. However, Cassidy has released yet another diss track on the Maybach Music protege today, on a track entitled “Me, Myself and iPhone”.

Now, you may remember last year we reported a bizarre incident in Angola, whereby a concert promoter was kidnapped due to a non-appearance by Nas at a concert where he was scheduled to perform. Having spent over 50 days in captivity, the promoter, Patrick Allocco, has now launched proceedings in a $10million lawsuit against Nas. While no comment is forthcoming from the rapper, he has earlier claimed that he has been made a scapegoat for this incident.

Meanwhile, Ice Cube has come out this week to announce that he will have an album out before the next installment of the Friday movie series. There had been much speculation as to which would be released first, but Cube put that debate to bed in an interview this week. It remains to be seen if the rapper will attempt to become more relevant to a younger audience or remain loyal to his own aging fanbase.

In other news, Drake and Wiz Khalifa made the Forbes 30 under 30 list, while speculation around Trey Songz Dublin show ran riot as it emerged the R’n’B singer is due in court on an assault charge in the same week as his Irish date in February.

So there you have it, a very quick RAP Up of what has been going on in the world of Hip-Hop this week. Until next week…


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