50 Cent and ‘Street King’ feed the starving!

Sometimes, something special happens in the Hip-Hop world that we as a community would love to be involved in and feel proud of.

For instance, 50 Cent launched his new energy drink ‘Street King’ in the US recently with a promise that every bottle sold equals one meal for starving children in the most poverty stricken areas of our planet. However, it was unfortunate to learn that it is not available internationally as of yet.

But worry not, as we can still get involved with 50’s campaign to feed a billion starving children! For one week, 50 Cent and ‘Street King’ are offering to provide one meal for a hungry child in exchange for one facebook ‘like’.

“If we reach one million by the end of the week, I’ll double it. A million more meals for a million more hungry kids.” – 50 Cent

So let’s get involved, and do our part to help the people who are the most vulnerable. Simply go to the SK facebook page HERE and click ‘LIKE’!

Rob McGuire, 23, is a song writer/performer from Dublin who has recorded and engineered his own debut EP titled "Sleepless". Mastered by Grammy award winning engineer Bob Katz in Los Angeles, this 7-track Pop/Rap CD is a collection of songs featuring various talented producers from around the world. Rob McGuire has released 2 music videos, which have gained over 10,000 views on YouTube and also performed at such events as the semi-finals of Dublin’s Got Talent, the finals of The Waterford Music Festival's '15 Minutes of Fame' competition in Tramore Co.Waterford, and at a special ‘White-Collar Boxing’ event in Croke Park, Dublin.

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