50 Cent & Jay-Z Squash Beef

It’s rare that you get an event with so many amazing scenes; this week’s Jay-Z/Eminem concert in Detroit was one of them. Forget Jigga and Em on stage together, or a rare live performance by Dr.Dre, it was the images taken backstage of 50 Cent and Jay-Z that have caught people’s attention.

In what could be described as the beef that never happened, these two heavyweights have been going at it for well over a decade. It kicked off in ’99 when 50 Cent took barely disguised shots at Jay-Z in “How to Rob”, a tongue-in-cheek reference for Jigga’s penchant for stealing emcee’s lines. As it goes with these things, the jabs have been going back and forth ever since, though this beef resembles more a dispute between elderly grannies than veritable “gangsters”.

We’ll leave it to the mumbling 50 to explain what went down…

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