50 Cent Weight Loss – Real or Fake??

As you may have seen in recent days, a number of pictures have been released of 50 Cent, which appear to show the rapper in an emaciated state. You can see more pictures here.

While the rapper has admitted to losing over 50 pounds for the role in which he plays a cancer victim, we at Rap Ireland find it hard to believe that these pictures are not doctored. After all, when we caught up with 50 back in March in Dublin, he was most definately not in the state seen in these pictures. A photo from the Dublin concert can also be seen below.

We’ll leave it to you to decide, but our verdict: some talented photoshop nerd has just gained a whole lot of publicity for 50′s new movie “Things Fall Apart”

50 Cent Rumoured Pics:

50 Cent in Dublin on March 21st:

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