Ace Hood the Latest Artist to Claim he has Never Been Paid by YMCMB; And He Doesn’t Care

ahoodIt’s hard to know what is more worrying. The fact that certain artists appear to be being taken advantage of, or the fact that they don’t seem to care, as long as their careers and touring are going well. It would appear that this is the case at mega-label YMCMB, where advances and royalty cheques do not seem to be in their dictionary.

We reported a number of months ago that Tyga had come out to say he had never received a royalty cheque from Birdman or YMCMB, but justified it saying he has always been an independent artist and can get his own money. Correct us if we’re wrong, but that’s not the point Tyga! As an artist selling records, you are entitled to be getting paid off that. If you’re not, someone else is!

Interestingly, this week we saw Ace Hood sit down with The Breakfast Club in New York, and DJ Envy decided to dig a little deeper into this.

Envy: There’s a lot of money over there [YMCMB]. Now Tyga came up and said he never got a royalty cheque from them. Have you received a cheque yet?

Ace Hood: Nahh nah, not a royalty cheque from my deal. You know we get little stuff..

Envy: So you got your signing bonuses and that? Coz he made it seem like he NEVER got a cheque

Ace Hood: I ain’t never got no cheques from them yet…

Charlamagne: Not even an advance?!

Ace Hood: Nahh… Nah Nah

Envy: Ya’ll don’t work advances? How does that work? Coz most artist gets an advance, then makes an album

Ace Hood: That ain’t happen with me…

Charlamagne: You better check with Khaled, Khaled might have got that advance!

Ace Hood: I wouldn’t even be tripping. We keep rocking. I’m all about working, just grinding. I’m not necessarily even looking for nothing. I’m just happy to be partners with the homeboy.

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