Bitter Rocc’s MMXIII Album to Drop Tomorrow Ahead of Album Launch

BITTER ROCC1Those of you who have been around the Irish Hip-Hop community for long enough will remember this young man pottering around the scene many years ago, putting out some noteworthy tracks at a time when Hip-Hop in Ireland wasn’t as developed as it is today. Now, on the eve of his MMXIII EP, it would appear that both the scene, and Bitter Rocc himself, have come a long way.

Bitter Rocc’s real reemergence came just months ago, when his debut album “Cold City” dropped, giving a thoroughly different and authentic sound that made the work instantly stand out from it’s contemporaries. One of the biggest distinctions that could be made from that album was the standard of production, something which lies very close to the rapper/producers heart.

It is thought that the latest EP will be more experimental in it’s sound, and with indie magazine Hotpress giving it’s backing, it is likely that there will be a cross-over appeal to the EP that is not usually found in Hip-Hop projects at home.

The album will drop tomorrow, 14th March 2013, with the official launch party taking place this Friday at The Twisted Pepper. In the meantime, if you haven’t checked it out yet, you can find the “Cold City” album below.


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