Competition To Record With The Animators

The well known collective, The Animators, have just announced a competition in which the prize is to record a verse or chorus with the group.

I’m sure that by now you are well acquainted with these guys but if not, then here’s a brief breakdown. The group consists of eight members – a mix of producers, emcee’s and singers ;

Mango, Dizzy, Smokey Jay, Alan Newman, Woody, RV, Mr. HighSpeed and Leiko.

To enter all you have to do is send your rough recording of a verse or chorus with you either rapping or singing, via email by the 13th November when the finalist will be announced and with the recording arrangements sorted soon after. Recordings in mp3 formats and youtube links will be accepted.

The Animators have been together only since March of this year and have already achieved great national success, amounted a huge fan-base and gained massive respect for their music. Although known individually for their own solo and group projects, their collective efforts as The Animators has recently seen them come 4th in a competition with over 700 entries to perform at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. This shows the amount of support they are receiving along with regular airplay and spots on national radio.

Depending on the style of the winner, they will work with the appropriate Animator or Animators, and depending on how good the winner is will decide whether they get on an official release. Alan Newman of The Animators who is a producer and also manager of the collective has said that depending on the talent level of entries, the winner could be taken on board by him as a solo artist under his own management which will involve gigs, radio spins etc. The winner will be chosen by The Animators as a group.

The kind of support and attention The Animators are receiving and with Alan Newman pushing things in the right direction, there is no doubt that anyone serious in this industry and trying to break in at any level should throw themselves at this massive opportunity.

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