Dappy to Appear on Celebrity Big Brother to Clear Tax Bill

dappy celebrity bb

“You go on Celebrity Big Brother when your career is fading away”

Famous last words, spoken by Dappy just last year. Now it would appear that the UK rapper has signed a £100,00 deal to appear on Celebrity Big Brother according to The Sun newspaper.

The former N-Dubz star has reportedly been in negotiations to appear on the reality television show on the 3rd of January. Although the 26-year-old  previously said going into the famous house ”would signal the end of his career.”

”No way would I go on one of them, they’re the kiss of death. You go on I’m a Celebrity Big Brother when your career is fading away. It’s a disgrace!” Dappy said last year.

It is claimed that his motivation is being driven by a looming tax bill. A source told the paper ”Dappy has been given a stark warning to pay off his tax bill but he needs cash fast. Celebrity Big Brother has come knocking and its been tough to say no.”

Dappy has been recovering in recent weeks after getting kicked in the face by a horse in a tragic accident.



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