Demi Lovato to release Hip Hop / R&B album?

A few weeks ago we reported that former Disney star Demi Lovato was working with Hip Hop genius Timbaland on her third studio album. Recently, there have been tweets between Demi and other Hip Hop legend Missy Elliott, leading fans of both to speculate a possible collaboration.

It has very recently been confirmed that Demi is in fact working with Missy on her third album. It has also been confirmed that a duet with Justin Bieber will appear on the album. These confirmations have led to more questions than answers for many Lovatics (hardcore Demi Lovato fans). Is Demi leaving behind her soft pop rock sound for a Hip Hop / R&B album? Are these tweets between Missy, Timbaland and Demi about Demi rapping on the new album true? Is Demi working with a lot of Hip Hop producers coincidental or the main point? It seems that we may have to wait and see if there’s a new urban artist in the making.

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