Die Antwoord in Europe this April

Die Antwoord, the South African internet phenomenon, have announced they will tour Europe and America in April, with London, Amsterdam, Belgium and France already being mooted. For those unfamiliar with the Afrikanner rap-rave trio, Die Antwoord (“The Answer”) came to fame on the back of a couple of wildly popular, eccentric and certainly intriguing internet videos.

Terrible tattoos, awful haircuts, a genuinely fresh sound (“Next level beats!”), fantastic accents and the most unlikely of rap frontmen make their videos compulsive viewing. The jury’s out on whether the trio are engaging in an elaborate, Andy Kaufman-style parody but really, does it matter?

“You know you’re from the Zef side when you haven’t changed your underpants, and it’s smelling funky—South Africa’s pretty fuckin’ funky!”




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