DJ Premier Speaks About Guru

The letter Solar claims Guru left has made many headlines in the rap world. With little over a week since Guru’s death DJ Premier spoke on how there seemed to be a lack of treatment for Guru when it came to maintaining a particular appearance, questioning if his “caretaker” really had good intentions.

“From what I was hearing – him waking up, and writing and tweeting…there’s no way! There’s no way! We saw him – he looked so gone!”

“And if you love him, and you’re care of him, why in the f*k did his nails look longer than a f**king ruler? [And he had a] clump afro. I’ve taken care of people in the hospital. You can wash their head, you can clean their nails up, clean their feet. His feet were swollen, and his toenails were really disgusting. So, because of that, it really f**ked me up.”

Regardless of how the rapper felt about Premier trying to continue involvement in Gang Starr, the producer states that their history together can never be erased and he will carry the name no matter what.

“When I saw Guru, it just really f**ked me up. I wore a Gang Starr shirt , first of all, just for the energy, and just so he knew that’s forever with us. Forever.”

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