Eminem’s Irish Concert is NOT Cancelled [RUMOUR DEBUNKED]

eminemconcertRumours have been flying around all day today regarding Eminem canceling his European tour and, by continuation, his Slane Castle concert. We can categorically say that this is NOT true, with the rumour being based on false information.

It would appear that this rumour started yesterday when dirtylaundry.ie posted a story claiming that Eminem had been hospitalised due to exhaustion and that the Anger Management tour was to be cancelled. It is unclear as to whether the website fully researched their facts, but here are a couple:

1. Eminem has not been hospitalised recently.
2. This is not the Anger Management tour.

In fact, the story of Eminem canceling his European tour and Slane Castle gig comes from 8 years ago in 2005 when Eminem did cancel his concert due to exhaustion and a dependency on sleeping tablets. It would appear the journalist in question got a little muddled up.

Rumour debunked. Eminem is still playing Ireland!

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