Exclusive: Ice Cube’s “I am the West” tracklisting

Ice Cube is BACK!

Cube’s controversial 9th solo album, “I Am The West” is about to drop on September 28th and we have the tracklisting for you. WC, Jayo Felony and Young Maylay are all set to feature on the Lench Mob Recording’s release, which has caused controversy by refusing to recognise the new generation of west-coast rappers, known as the “New West”.

The question remains whether Cube still has the raw hunger that gave his early releases such an edge, though the initial warning shots from this album show that he has the bit between his teeth again.

For full track-listing click the “Read More” link below.

The updated tracklisting for I Am The West is as follows:

1. Soul On Ice [Prod. by Tha Bizness]
2. Life In California (feat. Jayo Felony & WC) [Prod. by Sir Jinx]
3. She Couldn’t Make It On Her Own (feat. OMG & Doughboy) [Prod. by Bangladesh]
4. Urbanian [Prod. by Track Bully]
5. Y’all Know How I Am (feat. OMG, Doughboy, WC & Maylay) [Prod. by Willy Will]
6. Too West Coast (feat. WC & Maylay) [Prod. by Hallway Productions]
7. I Rep That West [Prod. by Jigg]
8. Drink The Kool-Aid [Prod. by Brandon Alexander]
9. No Country For Young Men [Prod. by Doughboy & Rocko]
10. It Is What It Is [Prod. by DJ Montay]
11. Hood Robbin’ [Prod. by T. Mix]
12. Your Money Or Your Life [Prod. by T. Mix]
13. Nothing Like L.A. [Prod. by The Fliptones]
14. All Day, Every Day [Prod. by Hallway Productions]
15. Fat Cat [Prod. by Jigg]

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