Game Under Investigation for Twitter Prank on Compton Sheriff

West Coast rapper Game is in some bother after a Tweet sent with the number of the Compton Sheriff’s Station caused the emergency phone system to back up with delays.

According to, on Friday August 12th, Game sent out a series of Tweets to his followers in regards to getting an internship on his labelBlackWallStreet. It started at around 5pm, when Game Tweeted that people should call another Twitter user “for internship……. Lol he answering all bws phones today”

This began a back and forth on the social network that contained personal phone numbers, one of which was the number to the Compton Sheriff’s Station. Game, having over 580,000 followers on Twitter, then managed to cause a surge in callers to the Sheriff’s department who thought they were applying for an internship.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department are opening an investigation into the incident.  Sheriff’s Capt. Mike Parker said of the incident;

“This was beyond irresponsible. The deputies’ ability to answer the phones and dispatch personnel to help these people in danger was significantly impeded.”

Parker Tweeted Game at around 7pm asking him to stop, to which the Compton MC replied;

“Y’all can track a tweet down but cant solve murders. Dat was an accident but maybe now yall can actually do yall job! P.S. who killed Biggie & Pac?”

The bombardment of calls lasted about two hours in total and now investigators are filing a criminal complaint with Parker adding that “Each phone call made does open the possibility for an additional charge”.

Game’s fourth album R.E.D. Drops on August 23rd.


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