Introducing Rap Ireland’s Online Battle League (Apply Within)

There is little doubt about it. When it comes to battle rap, Ireland can mix it with the best of them. With the phenomenal success of Da Fightin Irish battle league over the past 2 years, Ireland is now well and truly on the map when it comes to the battle scene, and this has proven to be a breeding ground for many successful Irish artists.

Now it’s time for the next generation. The brainchild of DFI veteran Nugget, Rap Ireland are proud to present Prove or Lose, the online battle league for upcoming artists who have never had the opportunity to have their voices heard by the masses.

With entrants being accepted from across the country, the inaugural Prove or Lose battle league will consist of 8 of the best entrants, who will compete against each other in a knock-out competition format. These battles will take place via video, with established battlers such as Redzer and Nugget among the judges at each level. In his video-blog below, Nugget explains the idea and rules behind the competition. To enter Prove or Lose fill out the form below, with a sample of anything you have recorded before.

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