Irish Rap Battle: Nugget Vs Rawsoul

This was without a doubt the headline battle of the 6th event in the DFI series, with local heavyweights Nugget and Rawsoul both gaining international plaudits in previous months. As expecting this was a no-holds-barred battle with vicious and hilarious punches thrown on both sides. Enjoy!


  1. donkeydong says:

    rawsoul went H.A.M on his ass!! thought nugget would take it but got a shock!!

  2. sandra says:

    jesus!! i pity his girlfriend lol… the slaggings!!

  3. sherrifer says:

    been watching these for a while but 1st time seeing rawsoul… wud now rate him as possibly the best in the country, tho maybe nugget had an off day

  4. dannyr says:

    nugget was a bit simplistic with his verses, good delivery, but rawsouls flow knocked him dead… rawsoul all 3

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