Ja Rule Released from New York Jail… Sent Straight to Federal Prison

jaruleprisonThere were no cries of joy as Ja Rule was released from an upstate New York jail, as the one-time high flying rapper was sent straight to Federal prison, where he will face a 28-month sentence for tax-evasion.

Ja was released yesterday having served almost two years behind bars on a gun possession charge arising from a routine traffic stop. Now it is the turn of the federal government to take a run at Ja Rule, who is accused of owing over 1 million dollars in back taxes.

“I in no way attempted to deceive the government or do anything illegal,” Atkins (Ja) said in court. “I was a young man who made a lot of money… I didn’t know how to deal with these finances, and I didn’t have people to guide me, so I made mistakes.”

The former Grammy nominee is planning to make a triumphant return to music following his release from Federal prison, which his attorney believes may be sooner than expected, with the possibility of the rapper being moved to a half-way house after 6 months.


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