Kanye Kicks Heckler Out of Concert Following Onstage Rant [VIDEO]

kanye west heckledReports of Kanye West losing his temper at a female heckler onstage in San Antonio have appeared online, with numerous video clips of the incident showing up on Youtube this afternoon.

Kanye is seen to be on stage singing with a mask on, when a fan asks him to take it off he responds ” you can see my face on the internet every motherfucking day.” The crowd cheers as he barks ”you trying to tell me how to give you my art”.

The ‘I am god’ singer continues on with the show until a female heckler shouts up to him ”shut up.”  This causes uproar within the audience, “Don’t f**king heckle me,” West responds.

The female heckler is removed from the concert as audience members cheer and applaud.  “I’m Kanye motherf***king West… I am dead f**king serious” West said.

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