Nucentz & Terawrizt Mixtape: Sense the Terror 2!

The past year has been a busy one for Irish hiphop crew Class A’z! Aside from producing tracks, creating D.F.I (the Irish Rap Battle Competition) and dropping albums at a frighteningly fast pace; two of their members- Nucentz and Terawrizt, have just released the highly anticipated second edition of their ‘Sense the Terror‘ mixtape. The 19 track CD contains a variety of soulful beats from some of Ireland’s most skilled hip-hop producers. Featuring the talented vocals of local singers Class B and Garbriella Marsella, in addition to collaborations from their Class A affiliates which include popular Dublin rappers Redzer, Collie, and Mullingar native Rawsoul; the CD provides a contrasting mix of styles and subject matters to suit all tastes.

Following on from the original installment, Sense the Terror 2 delivers grittier themes than its predecessor, featuring hard hitting rhymes about day to day ‘struggles’- a prevalent topic throughout the album. Nucentz conveys a darker than usual persona in the Tony Mahoney instrumental ‘Mental Surgery‘, where both emcees deliver a genuine rawness to create one of the best tracks on the mixtape. However, with light hearted lyrics in “All About Them”, the witty “Get Yourself a Man” interlude, and the tongue-in-cheek “Dublin Girls” number; it is evident that they have not lost the humorous tone associated with Class A’z. Diversity is displayed throughout, with topics ranging from the rugged “Aggro Bastards’ to the emotional “Show you Something”. The contrasting style of both emcee’s combine well; it provides a balance and ensures that each track sounds fresh.

Class A’z certainly live up to their name-sake; the infectious humour, clever lyrics and lethal rhyme schemes that are injected into their songs prove both entertaining and easy to relate to. Yet another quality production from the SmokeRoom Studio- this mix is certain to leave fans with a taste for more…

Sense the Terror 2 Is available now from CLASS A’z MUSIC STORE

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  1. jaysun says:

    respect all the irish rappers out there, but the sound is so dark and depressing i’m not sure there’s a market for this style.. (having said that, the artist skills are not in question – just the style and sound)

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