Rick Ross Announces Jay-Z Collaboration, Talks Seizures

In the aftermath of a series of seizure attacks, Rick Ross took the time to speak about his health issues and also delivered some exciting news for his fans and followers of Jay-Z.

Speaking for the first time about the seizures that saw him seriously address his lifestyle, The Bawse described the events surrounding the deterioration of his health: “I felt a little wore out but I felt like I could keep going,” he continued: “And I boarded a jet and I had another seizure and when I snapped out of that one, I woke up in front of doctor.”

Tests revealed that sleep was the primary instigator behind the seizures: “Being the fastest growing label in the game, wanting to be the number one label in the game, it comes with a lot of sacrifices and in my case it was sleep. I would get two hours of sleep and keep moving. Me being a hustler.” Ross remarked that when the medical staff questioned him about the last time he slept eight hours, he told them candidly: ‘It had to at least been five years.’

Despite taking time away from work to rest, Ross managed to collaborate with Jay-Z during his recuperation period: “Me and Jay-Z finished the biggest collaboration that we’ve ever done together, for my album.”   Even serious health issues cannot stop Ross from hustlin’, here’s hoping he takes greater care of himself and avoids similar incidents in the future.


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