Rumours Continue to Circulate Surrounding UK Rapper Giggs Imprisonment

Speculation in London has been escalating in recent days surrounding the notable absence of UK gangster rapper Giggs. Rumours began circulating as far back as February that SN1’s Giggs was being held in Brixton Prison on remand, though today popular UK Hip-Hop website Black Budget came out with further information, revealing that Giggs is apparently being held on firearms charges. We have reposted parts of this story below.

“Since reporting this, we have seen numerous tweets and blog posts regarding the issue, and the general consensus throughout the UK Hip Hop & Rap scene seems to be that the SN1 front man is being held on charges relating to firearms.

There is no solid evidence of Giggs’ imprisonment, or the reasons for it (if it is the case). But as time goes on and with Giggs’ track record (2 year imprisonment for firearms in 2003), alongside the well documented gang rivalries in the South London estates, it is starting to seem more and more like the only reasonable location of the Talking The Hardest hit maker.

As we already stated, Giggs is no stranger to firearm’s or court cases involving them, this means, should the rumours be true, and there is enough evidence to convict him, he will be looking at a long sentence of imprisonment.

Should the rumours be true, and Giggs goes to prison, he wouldn’t be the first member of the SN1 camp to do so. As you may well know, promising UK emcee and close friend of Giggs, Kyze, real name Taurean Taylor, is currently serving a six year sentence for the shooting of Marcus Bennett in 2011 – ref:

With rumour running rife it is hard to tell you exactly what has happened to Giggs, and we will keep you updated with any information, as we get it.”


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