Shyne makes Peace with Diddy

It may not seem like it, but it’s almost 13 years since that infamous shooting at Club New York in 1999, when Sean “Diddy” Combs, Jennifer Lopez, and former Bad Boy artist Shyne were implicated in the incident. Since that time, the Brooklyn rapper has spent 9 years in a New York prison for his part in the fraca, and has been very vocal about Diddy, calling him a “snitch” on numerous occasions. However, according to his latest interview with MTV News, Shyne has buried the hatchet.
“As far as Puff is concerned, that’s been a long time coming,” said Shyne. “He had reached out to me twice while I was in the pen, but I just wasn’t ready for it… I felt how I felt, I said what I said. In retrospect, when you looked at the way he handled it, he held it down, he wore it,” Shyne said of Diddy. “He ain’t had nothing to say; always had good things to say. It was always ‘Yo, whatever Shyne need, we got him.'”

Shyne also spoke of his personal relationship with Diddy and the late  Anthony “Wolf” Jones. According to Shyne it was following a dream about Wolf that he got the motivation to repair the relationship.

“Our relationship wasn’t just business; it wasn’t me just being a rapper on Bad Boy. We had a solid relationship, we had a brotherhood, me, him and Wolf, and I just felt the need to just reach out, because again, he just kept it tall no matter what I said,” Shyne said. “I just feel real good about moving on with our relationship. Me and son, we gonna get together in Paris- I’m in Paris right now. We gonna get together in a couple of weeks, and we gonna sit at the roundtable.”
Shyne has also spoken recently about how being incarcerated has affected him as a person and an artist. “Going to prison killed me,” he said. “It killed me. When I came out I was dead and I didn’t  even know that. For me, I think I should have made the people understand that we’re talking about right now a long time ago. Nobody wants to hear an excuse too long, but I think it would have gave them a perspective of what was going on with me.”

And for those fans who still miss the characteristic Shyne flow, the Brooklyn MC has promised better music is to come in 2012.

“I can’t wait [for fans to hear it], but I got to make sure it’s right because they were waiting for so long and then it wasn’t what it was supposed to be,” he said. “I’m a a million times better than that, though. I think the people are going to roll with it.” is your #1 source for celebrity news, gigs, exclusive videos and all the latest in the world of hip hop and R&B music.

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