The Black Eyed Peas to take Indefinite Hiatus

Hip Hop super group The Black Eyed Peas have very recently announced that they are going to be taking an indefinite hiatus. Will.I.Am tweeted last week “The @Bep will take a break after the beginning…just like we did from monkey business to the e.n.d…but it doesn’t mean we stop creating” and the group have confirmed that July 14th in Madrid will be the group’s final show.

Sure the group weren’t the most popular group, but they were trail-blazers and no one can deny that. The group were one of the first bands to realise the power of social networking; they’ve won over 80 major awards and their music has always pushed the box we live in just that little bit further. Their music videos would always show-case the newest and ground-breaking technology. It’s sure that the Black Eyed Peas are going to leave a rather significant hole in the music industry and those are some pretty big shoes to fill.

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