The Elements Speak on Accent Debate, Drop New Tracks and Freestyle [VIDEO]

It takes a long time before an individual or group can earn the prefix “classic” or “legendary” to their name, but The Elements have put in their time. 10 years in the game this year, The Elements have remained true to their roots, despite much chopping and changing, growing and evolving over the years. The group re-appeared last year with a similar cast, albeit with different pseudonyms, releasing The Lost Archives to critical acclaim.

It is clear that the group have not changed their sound to pander to any mainstream trends. If anything, they have reverted to type, and instead focused on mastering the underground sound that won them so many fans in the early 2000s. That was a time when the Irish Hip-Hop scene was far less populated, and The Elements were one of just a handful of groups considered to be at the top of the scene, alongside the likes of Rob Kelly and Urban Intelligence.

Things are different now and Irish rappers are a dime a dozen. Standing out takes both focused talent and hard graft, something The Elements have in bucket-loads. The crew (minus Swords), dropped into RTE studios last Sunday to speak with Mo-K and Tando, and this is how it went down…

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