The Weekly RAP Up! Chris Brown v Frank Ocean, Rick Ross Shooting, Timbaland to Roc Nation and more…


It will be a week that’s remembered more for dramas and petty beefs than any remarkable music that was released, but the main stories this week have seen Chris Brown and Frank Ocean come to blows, Rick Ross survive a shooting, and Timbaland sign to Roc Nation.

Chris Brown and Frank Ocean decide to have a brawl

It’s usually the rap world that gets bad press surrounding brawls and arrests, however this week it was R’n’B singers Chris Brown and Frank Ocean who were making headlines for the wrong reasons. In a story that developed earlier in the week, it emerged that Chris Brown and Frank Ocean got into an altercation at a L.A recording studio, with differing reports as to the cause and nature of the fight. All that is clear at this point is that the long bickering duo and there crews had a good old fashioned brawl in front of numerous witnesses. This is becoming a regular occurrence for Brown, who is still embroiled in numerous lawsuits stemming from his nightclub fight with Meek Mill and Drake.

Rick Ross victim of drive-by shooting

Somebody lied; Rick Ross does NOT have a chopper in his car! The self-proclaimed hard man Rick Ross tasted some of the life he raps about this week when his car was showered in bullets in an early morning drive-by shooting, causing the rapper to crash into a near-by wall. Details have remained sketchy on this all week, with arch rival 50 Cent claiming the whole event was staged as part of a publicity stunt for the rapper’s new album. The 37 year old artist has yet to make any comment on the matter.

50 Cent shuts down The Game’s attempt to reunite G-Unit

In a bizarre series of events, The Game launched an online petition to re-unite G-Unit, a prospect 50 Cent promptly shut down, saying he doesn’t “give a fuck about what they saying on a blog post”. This is sure to hurt The Game’s credibility, who has sold numerous albums off the back of his anti-G-Unit rhetoric.

In other news…

Jay Z signed Timbaland to Roc Nation this week… French Montana has shown how truly humble he is by describing his “Excuse my French” as the “Album of the Decade”… Lord Finesse has claimed he has no hard feelings towards Mac Miller, after settling a staggering 10 million dollar lawsuit.

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